Foto: Tarja Salmi-Jacobson

Foto: Tarja Salmi-Jacobson

My name is Johnny Friskilä. I am Norwegian, but I live in Stockholm where I work as an independent tour leader.

My customers as a tour leader are tour companies  who want to offer a professional tour guide service on their cultural and adventure tours. I have traveled in a 100 countries, but my main speciality is countries of the former Soviet Union. 

In my travel blog,Johnnybajdzjan, I focus on story telling and photography from destinations out of the ordinary. Off the beaten track, or the more hidden sides of our already well known destinations. My blog is in Swedish language and targets the more advanced Scandinavian traveler. My blog is therefore a non-chronological travel blog, with stories and adventures from countries and cultures far away.

If you think that we have something to talk about, feel free to contact me through anyone of the following channels:

E-mail: johnny@johnnybajdzjan.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/johnnybaijan

Instagram: www.instagram.com/johnnybajdzjan

Twitter: @johnnyfriskila

Thank you so much for reading!


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